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The perfect combination of pearls and white zircons in a jewels that will make you stand out!


Material: 14k gold, pearls and white zircons


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Το δαxτυλίδι φτιάχνεται αποκλειστικά για σένα στο μέγεθος σου, οπότε χρειαζόμαστε λίγο χρόνο παραπάνω για να φτάσει στα χέρια σου!


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Sale Bleu - Bleu -

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Maldives - Maldives -

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Siesta - Siesta -

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Summer Bouquet - Summer Bouquet -

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Summer Bouquet


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Mademoiselle Earrings - A dreamy pair of 14K gold earrings with a pearl - all-time-classic choice. Lightweight and ideal to match any outfit or occasion. With an exceptional design, this combination of gold and pearls will make you stand out. What would make a more beautiful gift than that?

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Mademoiselle Earrings


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Sugar Necklace - A wonderfu, short necklace made of 14K gold with a freshwater pearl. So elegant and dainty - it should not be missing from your collection! It perfectly matches the Big Apple necklace or the Margie ring from Maya's collection for an even more elegant look.Dalton Earrings -

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Sugar Necklace


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Margie ring - A gold ring with a pearl. A classic but timeless piece that should not be missing from any woman's jewelry collection!

Material: 14k gold with a pearlMargie ring - A gold ring with a pearl. A classic but timeless piece that should not be missing from any woman's jewelry collection!

Material: 14k gold with a pearl

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Margie ring


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Oval Ring - Η κομψότητα της σχεδιάστριας βρίσκεται στις λεπτομέρειες! Το ''oval'' είναι ένα χρυσο 14κ δαχτυλίδι με λευκά ζιργκόν και οβάλ σχήμα. Ένα κόσμημα χωρίς υπερβολές, διαχρονικό και elegant θα εντυπωσιάσει σε κάθε περίσταση!

Υλικό Χρυσό 14κ, λευκά ζιργκόνNew Era ring - <span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en"><span class="" title="">This 14k simple but very special ring that will impress you with its authenticity!</span> <span class="" title="">As its shape resembles a semicircle, this ring is adorned with white zircon on one side and a black zircon on the other!</span> <span title="">We recommend wearing it with more rings</span>
<span class="" title="">such as the <a href="/?p=10665">Angel ring</a> or the <a href="/?p=10703">Twisted diamond</a> from the Mayan collection.</span> <span class="" title="">A wonderful and all time classic combination!</span></span>

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Oval ring


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