Meet the Designer


10 years ago, full of dreams, passion and excitement, Maya created the “Maya Zoulovits Workshop”! A place where people could find her ready-to-wear creations but also fill her in about their dream jewels so that she creates fully custom made pieces for them. Seeing her clients wear her creations is what really fills her heart and makes her love her job more and more every day!

She carefully picks her materials herself while always leaning towards gold, silver, precious and semiprecious stones, as well as pearls. In Maya’s Workshop, one can find unique pieces made exclusively by her which tend to feature simple lines and a laid back elegant style.

It is the simplicity of that precisely makes her creations stand out! Her jewelry is so lightweight, dainty but at the same time innovative featuring a contemporary uniquely creative style. Maya manages to show off simply designs by turning them into sophisticated jewelry pieces that manage to impress! Simplicity is a big prerequisite for her designs and it takes a great deal of skills to showcase it through her statement pieces.

"In my opinion, Art has no limitations and shouldn’t obey to any seasonal trends but only promotes the artists’ source of inspiration”

“During my studies, I was taught Art and Art for me has no boundaries, shouldn’t obey to any seasonal trends, but only promotes the artists’ source of inspiration, embraces the creators’ talent, creativity and enthusiasm, humility and thoughtfulness”, Maya says. She loves creating dainty luxurious pieces that can be enjoyed by those who love staying stylish in their everyday lives. By transferring her knowledge and love for jewelry design to the drawing and then into the making of each piece, she avoids focusing on market trends. She always strives to create authentic, timeless and attractive pieces with elaborate touches.

The Maya Zoulovits Workshop is in a constant state of designing unique pieces. Always eager to enhance her creativity, Maya does not stop realizing her ideas for new jewelry pieces so that when you pass by one of her stores or browse her e-shop you’ll always be able to discover something new!

Finally we would like to thank Alexandra Argyri (the photographer), Onentropy marble atelier, Dimitra Paraschou and Alexandra Papathanasiou for their valuable contribution to the creation of this wonderful e-shop.

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